How high should a range hood be from the stove – Experts Guideline

The efficiency of any range hood depends on its power of smoke and grease particles collection. The major part of this efficiency is related to the range hood, and the other is proper installation. To get optimal results, its recommended to how high should a range hood be from the stove.

In case you might be asking yourself !

How to get optimal performance, then here in this guide, we are going to discuss every aspect of buying.

How high should a range hood be from the stove

Before buying, it is too mandatory to check and measure all kitchen figures sharply. Measurement is the first and vital step towards efficient output. The buying process is slightly technical but has a million dollar worth.

Size of range hood

Size measurement is a crucial factor during the selection of range hood. Please take it as mandatory to follow the following things.

  • First, measure the size of the cooking range accurately.
  • Always remember that stove range size must be smaller than range hood, either gas burner or electric stove.
  • Its rule of thumb to buy a larger size of range hood as compare to the cooking range size.
  • Remember to choose the appropriate CFM rating according to the cooking range size.

how high should a range hood be from the stove

However, the larger size range hood is capable of capturing smoke, grease, and pollutant particles.

Exact range hood collection is the only solution to experience optimal performance. However it’s tough to adjust the existing cooking range later, rather than to buy an appropriate size hood before installation.


 CFM Rating Factor

CFM is a unit of motor rating used in range hoods. Experts designed CFM rating according to size and of the whole unit. Usually, small the size smaller will be the CFM value. But still few vendors are providing the high value of CFM to get maximum output In a high price.

Actually, smaller sizes are usually have low rating of the suction motor. It’s a bit difficult for smaller motors to suck cooking smoke.

 Installation of hood

To be honest, the installation of hood has a huge over performance. All type of hood Installation like Undercabinet, Island, and wall-mounted is different from each other.

Experts highly recommend, to read the proper guidelines of hood and its better to contact the installation guy. Most of the manufacturers explain and mention the exact heigh above cooktop for better performance.

In case you could not brochure, then contact experts and give them a fair chance. They will install and guide you properly on the basis of daily experience.

Similarly, Indoor and outdoor installation is different from each other with respect and height, mounting. The vent hood should not go very close to the stove range or very far from the stove range. The manufacturers always mention the best possible solution and guidelines in manual book.

The most common practical height for the installation of hood is mentioned below.

  • Indoor Hood Height: 28 to 36 Inches
  • Outdoor Hood Height: 36 to 42 Inches

Remember, these figures are the most practically used and average measures. The best practice is to open the range hood manual for exact height mentioned by the manufacturer.

Manual reading is mandatory and best practice to overcome all these small concepts.

Affects of the wrong Installation  

Practically, working behaviour become worst due to malfunctioning or improper working.

Wrong installation.

Close to cooking range

 Range hood is a composition of mechanical and electrical parts. Especially electronic gadgets like sensors, screen, touch buttons, and circuits, are fundamental parts of the modern range hood.

Placing both items close to each other is dangerous for the kitchen environment and equipment life as well. A few of them are discussed below.

  • Hood electronic circuitry may damage and chance to produce fire due to high temperatures.
  • Devicre motor efficiency may fail due to very close to the cooking top.
  • Range hood could not collect cooking smoke properly in case of a very close installation.
  • The quantity of sticky grease will increase with range hood body and will become difficult for cleaning.
  • We have discussed best way of cleaning duct.

These are some most common serious issues related to improper installation.

how high should a range hood be from the stove

 Far away from the cooking range

 This is another major issue of the wrong installation and has a bad impact over

Performance of range hood. A few are discussed below.

  • Smoke, grease, and others will remain all-around kitchen and waste the concept of range hood.
  • Increase grease amount in kitchen cabinets and walls rather than directly go through range hood filter.

 Final Conclusion

Expert opinions and observation stand with the accurate installation of range hood. The indoor range hood average height is around 28 to 36 inches.

These figures are most commonly used as the height between the stove and range hood. All above guideline is enough to understand how high should a vented range hood be from the stove.

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