How to clean range hood duct Experts Guideline

Cleaning is an essential factor for the healthy working environment of the kitchen. Duct is playing a massive role in the filtration of greasy and oily particles. Being an important part of kitchen, it really need to know how to clean range hood duct.

Range Hood duct cleaning is not necessary. Until you did range hood filter cleaning on time. As long as you maintain range hood filter, oven hood filter, and stoves hood filters, duct cleaning is not required.

how to clean range hood duct

To be honest, duct cleanliness is a somehow difficult process. Especially if range hood is commercial size, then you must need professionals HVAC cleaners. HVAC service providers have all the necessary equipment used for hood vent cleaning.

how to clean range hood duct

HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) are professional companies. They are explicitly working on duct cleaning by using professional detergents, machines, and hygienic process.

Furthermore, we can separate both home duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning using HVAC services.

Check out the step-by-step guide below, specially designed to figure out the right HVAC company for the job.

Duct Cleaning at home 

Domestic range hoods are small in size. And it’s super easy to clean out stove vent or  range hood duct with the help of home tools. However, you need to have the following things with your before cleaning process.

Range hood also get lot of issues of cleanliness due to wrong installation. It is in terms of height, size and wrong unit installation.

  • Power Drill
  • Nut driver
  • Flex duct brush with drill attachment
  • Dry Vacuum
  • Blower
  • Range Hood Filter

how to clean range hood duct

Similarly, our primary focus is to increase efficiency and easiness of process. This process can be used for air vent cleaning as well. We can divide our cleaning project into a few further steps.

Step 1:

Completely shut-off kitchen devices electrically just for cleaning intervals. Keep range hood switched off until the process completed.

Also, place a bucket/tub and safety precautions under duct to stop the spreading of dirty water.

Step 2:

Leave out all filters of the range hood and place them in the sink. Open tap and wash all filters gently using dishwash soap. Some range hood have charcoal filters, need replacement every six months averagely.

Remember, use slightly warm water for cleaning of grease filter and this is the best way to clean range hood filters.

Moreover, range hood grease filter will work perfectly if properly cleaned at regular interval. It’s obvious, performance is direclty dependent on cleaning hood filters or replacement similarly.

Similarly, home user also know how to clean range hood filter and how to clean exhaust fan and filter as well. These things have great impact on performance of range hoods.

Step 3:

Initially, use the blower to remove active dust from duct. Use blower pipe to spread air equally in all directions. This will remove smooth dust present on duct wall.

Further, fix flex brush with drill machine and use at duct wall to lower down sticky particles.  Move flex brush thoroughly inside till sticky elements leave from walls.

Use vacuum cleaner with pipe to catch all dusty particles. Its simple process of removing small amount of dust from duct. Incase it’s easy for you, use hot water or hot steam for duct walls cleaning.

This small technique will be beneficial to clean vent hood or range hood, sticky or greasy elements. Remembers these steps are only applicable at-home range hood duct.

Normally, domestic kitchen exhaust fan and ducts are small and straight as well. Whereas commercial duct size is much bigger and wider to suck more and give better efficiency.

Professional Duct Cleaner 

Professional HVAC companies are specialized in cleaning all types of duct at home. But remember most companies are doing the cleaning of heating and air ducts only. Very few of HVAC are working for kitchen hood cleanning

However, it would help if you found out a reliable duct cleaning resource in your residential area. This is basic pre-requisite of searching cleaning business for kitchen duct.

Here, we will discuss a step-by-step guide to find out the best duct cleaning service in your area.

Pre-Requisite of cleaning 

  • About half an hour
  • Around 250 to 350 $

Cleaning range hood charges may vary as per the size of kitchen duct i-e greater size, and more will be charged.

Listing of HVAC companies 

However, gather a list of prestigious companies list working in your area. Remember, very few companies work in range hood cleaning specially duct cleaning.

Remember, range hood cleaner HVAC’s have professional tools to do job quickly and efficiently.

Google is the most reliable tool to get the best option in your area. Just google your desired services in search box and it will show you enough results. It based on location, rating remarks of service providers, and even charges as well.

Contact with listed companies 

Moreover, after proper research of desired companies, the next step is to contact them. Visit company website contact page and try to find best possible contact info.

Nowadays, most commonly way of contact is phone number and email. But phone contact is the quickest way of communication.

Furthermore, if an email is only listed then email them with proper explanation of the issue. Remember to mention size and type of duct as well in email and phone call as well.

The proper description of duct size will be beneficial for the service provider to give proper charges and work detail.

Follow Up the contacted companies 

 However, follow up is required after a week of phone contact or email. It will be in the only case when service provider didn’t reply you back.

Most HVAC cant reply back due to workload and later forget to reply. In some cases, companies refer you to other sources due to work overload.

Take these diversions seriously, because service providers always refer to reputable companies to grow business activities.

Precautions During  and after cleaning job 

Once HVAC service provider visits your site and start working, then make sure the following items.

  • Check range hood filter condition, if it’ too dirty, change immediately.
  • Wait a little bit until whole unit dries properly before switching on and usage.
  • Always try to clean grease filter every month to reduce amount of dust/grease entering into duct unit.

How often should I clean my kitchen duct ?

According to experts, It’s not recommended to clean kitchen hood duct. Surprisingly its little difficult work but you can get rid of this by doing on-time maintenance.

  • Keep filter cleanliness at regular intervals.
  • Do change filter, according to specifications of the unit.
  • If your kitchen is equipped with an outside duct. Keep outer part of duct cleaned at regular intervals.

In these cases, you may require duct cleaning.

  • Range hood air not going out through duct.
  • Forget to change or clean hood filter.
  • Shifted to a new home but don’t know about duct condition.

In all the above cases, you may require duct cleaning. Otherwise duct cleaning is a rare process after many years.

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