Range Hoods Installation Cost – Experts Guideline

In previous decades peoples used chimneys in houses to get rid of the smoke. Range hood is almost the need of every household in the modern era. And its first step towards home luxury and necessity.

After buying a suitable unit, Installation in the cooking area is another difficult job to do. Few buying customers can install hood in the kitchen by ownself after reading proper guideline literature. But the majority need a professional guy to install a hood.

Incase you are not able to install byself, then  you should know about range hoods installation cost.

Range Hoods Installation Cost

Range Hoods Installation Cost

The installation cost of any range hood is not fixed and may be higher or lower value. Similarly, the time may also vary. Here in this guide, we are just giving an idea about Installation cost.

Similarly, buyer is also has confusion about who installs range hoods in appropriate manner. We discuss factors involves in installation of range hoods like height, position and duct solution.

Household Installation

 On average, households kitchen requires around $200 to $500 cost to install range hood. It mainly depends on the type and size of the range hood. Because every vent hood installation is different and difficult according to size.

Furthermore, Ducted and ductless Installation is another cost scenario, and it definitely require different Installation cost.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation

Commercial range hoods installation cost is more than 2000$ due to numerous factors. Its price varies up to a few thousand dollars according to size and duct options. Usually, commercial range hoods are rough and tough by made.

Range Hoods Installation Cost

These include a unique fire safety system and tough against high temperatures.

Ducted vs Ductless range hood Installation cost

 Ducted Installation cost

The ducted kitchen hood installation cost is higher and complicated too. It ranges between $250 to 1200$. To be honest, the ducted hood requires a lot more time and effort to finish.

There are two scenarios of Installation, with a new duct and with the existing duct.

In short, Installation with a new duct requires a time of four to five hours and $800 to 1000$. Whereas, Installation with the existing duct is much easier and requires less effort.

Ordinarily, ducted have one serious concern of duct cleaning, as it is the most complicated process

Ductless Installation cost

It requires about $70 to $300 cost and about three hours of time. Actually these range hood category uses a special filter to fight against grease and contaminated elements.

Range Hoods Installation Cost

However, Installation is composed of a few important factors. In short, these factors affect the value of the charges during Installation.

  • Unit Installation
  • Labor cost
  • Electrician cost
  • Duct Enhancement
  • Unit Installation

It includes a significant part of the placement of range hood above cooktop. Generally, Installation varies from the type and size of the unit.

Similarly, hook or bracket fixation, connection with duct (Incase of the ducted hood) is also part of the process. In addition, Installation of range hood filter (Incase of ductless range hood).

However, charges are on an hourly basis and depend on the types of hood.

Range Hoods Installation Cost

Labor cost

Labor cost is another part of the installation process. Duct arrangement and Installation increase the overall costing of the unit. In addition, 200$ to 250$ cost may rise as per the length and space of the duct.

Similarly, Labor work charges are on an hourly basis and may become higher according to the complexity of the kitchen.

In short, labor work may require in case of a ducted range hood to install the new duct and enhance the existing duct.

Electrician cost

Another, a small amount of expense, is about electrician requirements. Generally, the electrician requirement is infrequent. The electrical switch arrangement is a possible requirement for kitchen appliances.

Furthermore, many hoods are heavy-duty units. These require robust wiring to bear a high amount of current. In addition, the lighting of range hood also requires an electrician.

Duct Enhancement

Ductwork is an almost different job other than unit installation. But, it is directly related to the range hood installation. Most built houses have a centralized duct with it, and they just need to attach with new range hood only.

However, this process may require enhancement of duct and will increase the total  range hood cost of per unit installation.

Types of Hood Installation & Cost

Different types of range hoods have different pricing. Likewise, under cabinet,  wall mount range, Island range hood and vent range hood insert Installation cost.

We will discuss each type of range and hood installation in-depth to find out the average requirement of cost.

Under Cabinet Vent Hoods

Its most commonly used range hoods in kitchens. Likewise, Under cabinet range hood installation cost varies from $250 to $400 with 2 to 3 hours of time.

Remember, the bigger the size, the more time is required with slightly change in range hood prices and installation cost .

However, the Installation of under cabinet range hood is much easy. Hence, many households install the unit at home without hiring any services from vendors.

In short, these peoples give some time on literature and manual reading for perfect range hood installation. Remember, the above-mentioned price is without any ductwork electrical wiring arrangements.

In summary, If we include a small amount of ductwork enhancement to connect with range hood then the total amount may reach about $500 minimally.

Wall mount range hoods

The easiest and cheap Installation is only possible only in all mount range hoods. In short, it requires cost between 70 to 100$.

An experts installer guy requires about 2 hours of time to fix this whole unit from beginning to end. Installation involves hood bracket mount, fixation of the main control unit, filter installation, and connection with the existing duct.

Remember, wall-mount units are commonly designed for only eight to nine feet in height. But, In case your roof is more than 9 feet height, than you may require an extension to connect with the duct.

Most hoods designers include a chimney extension in packaging to give relief to the consumer.

Island range Hoods

The Island range hood installation is about $350 to $500 and about 4 hours of time. In short, this is the most expensive and time taking unit in the category of range hood installation.

More complexity involves in the Installation of island type range hood. In the first place, making proper brackets with roof and fix with the wall is challenging.

However, another person is much needed during Installation of island type range hood to lift up during fixation with the roof.

Therefore, you can save your money by engaging himself during the installation process


How much does it cost to install a range hood?

Range hood vent Installation cost varies between $200 to $500 in case of households. Similarly,
commercial range hood installation cost is more than $2000.
It is mandatory to know that this cost is just for the Installation of the unit only. Otherwise, cost will be higher due to labor cost, ductwork, and electrician work as well.

Do I need an electrician to install a range hood?

Electrician services requirement is infrequent due to the modern kitchen wiring concept. But still, electrician need is a prominent job in the case of making an electrical connection.
Similarly, for heavy-duty range hoods, a high rating electrical connection is the main requirement to overcome the high current. Likewise, light bulb installation is another need of range hoods.
In brief, electricians can not install the range hood thoroughly.

Do range hoods have to be vented outside?

Range hoods should not be vented outside. There are two best possible solutions for contaminated air by range hoods.Firstly, vent air into the kitchen duct and clean air use filters. Further, this pure air will again recirculate into the kitchen for reuse. This process is called recirculating range hoods.
Secondly, completely remove contaminated air out of the kitchen by using an exhaust duct to sent it outside.

Is it hard to install a range hood?

Range hood installation is not a too tricky process but requires technical skills. The technical and professional range hood installation contractor guy can quickly fix the range hood.Whereas, any guy could also install it by reading its guideline and with the help of a few professional tools.
Tools like a hammer, drill machine, pliers, screwdriver set, and electrical tester are require tool for installation.

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